Shenandoah Valley Airport Project Approved

Following GO Virginia Region 8 Council’s recommendation, the GO Virginia State Board approved the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport Commission’s (SHD) site development proposal at its December 13 meeting. SHD was awarded $993,300 for utility improvements at its 58-acre Aviation Technology Park. The project will construct new water and sewer lines, moving existing utilities from the center of the site to its perimeter. The relocation of utilities enables future construction of additional hangars and facilities to support aviation-related business growth in the region. The project is expected to create more than 260 higher-wage jobs. Design and engineering for the project was supported by a GO Virginia Enhanced Capacity Building grant. With a federal grant through the Economic Development Administration, SHD is currently constructing two hangars in the Aviation Technology Park that are expected to be completed in the summer. The CSPDC provides technical assistance and grant administration services for these projects.

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