Central Shenandoah Pandemic Recovery and Resiliency Plan

The Central Shenandoah Pandemic Recovery and Resiliency Plan presents actionable strategies to create communities of resilient People, Places, Businesses, and Services. A resource for local government stakeholders, the plan’s purpose is to empower communities with the tools to recover stronger from COVID-19 and withstand future disruptions. The plan addresses regional recovery strategies, including workforce participation, broadband and telework expansion, and quality of life factors.

To understand the pandemic’s impact on the Central Shenandoah region, the CSPDC partnered with Chmura Economics and Analytics to conduct a COVID-19 economic impact analysis. Chmura’s analysis offered insight into how COVID-19 affected the region’s industries, small businesses and downtown areas, and supply chains. Chmura's report provided detailed data used to inform and shape the Plan’s recovery and resiliency goals and strategies.

The CSPDC's Pandemic Recovery and Resiliency Plan is supported by funding from the Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. For more information on the plan, contact Elizabeth McCarty (elizabeth@cspdc.org).