GIS & Mapping

The GIS Department of the Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission performs spatial analysis, GPS data collection, and map production for regional, local, comprehensive and strategic planning projects for our member jurisdictions and agency planners.  In addition to planning projects, the Department provides GIS development, consulting, and technical assistance for many of our towns, cities, and counties as well as other organizations in the region.  The CSPDC’s GIS Department has the staff capacity and the latest software and hardware to meet the cartographic and GIS needs of our member jurisdictions.


Services We Provide

  • Boardroom Quality Maps
  • GIS Project Management
  • GIS Consulting Services
  • GIS Training & Education
  • Digital Data Maintenance
  • GPS/Data Collection Services
  • GIS Internships


Preparation for the 2010 Census
The CSPDC held a training workshop in collaboration with the U.S. Census Bureau for the 2010 Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP).  This program focuses on the update of several census boundaries that are often used to collect, analyze, and distribute demographic data; i.e. census tracts, block groups, census designated places, and census county divisions.  The updates were made using software and data provided by the Census Bureau to ensure consistency when piecing together these boundaries into a national dataset.  The GIS Dept. assisted 5 of the 10 member localities in the review of these datasets focusing on the criteria set forth by the Census Bureau.

Bath County 911 Grant & Mapping Projects
CSPDC staff provided assistance to Bath County to prepare and submit an application for 911 Grant Funds through which several projects related to the mapping needs of their 911 call center were funded.  Through this funding opportunity, the GIS Department provided services that updated the County’s property data and address points and will continue to provide technical assistance to periodically update the 911 mapping system.

GPS Projects
Water & Sewer Utility Systems Mapping:

  • Town of Broadway
    Staff provided utility mapping services to the Town and developed and prepared utility map books of both systems for use by the Town’s pubic works department.  Periodic updates are scheduled concurrent with the Town’s development.
  • Town of Grottoes
    GIS staff is working with the Town of Grottoes to complete the initial inventory of their water and sewer systems.
  • City of Buena Vista
    GIS staff continues to work with the City’s Public Works Department to GPS their water and sewer infrastructure.

Regional Projects
Transportation Infrastructure Mapping & Analysis:

  • Harrisonburg-Rockingham MPO: The GIS Department works on several transportation projects in the HRMPO area, including sidewalk inventory & analysis, local & regional bus stops & routes, and various road projects & studies.
  • Rural Transportation Projects: The GIS Department provides mapping assistance for the agency’s rural transportation program; including Safe Routes to Schools, Waynesboro Transit Feasibility Study, and the Richmond Road Multimodal Corridor Study.
  • Regional Water Supply Planning:
  • The GIS Department participated in a data collection and visualization phase of the two Regional Water Supply Plans which are coordinated at the CSPDC.  Maps were created depicting various environmental resources and concerns in each watershed used for water supply planning.

Wind Energy Resource Mapping
The GIS Department provides Wind Resource Maps to local planning staff and other entities interested in the development and/or planning of wind energy projects.  Click the links below to view the wind resources in the Central Shenandoah Region.

Web-based Data Extraction
The CSPDC provides a data extraction service using a web-based tool that combines GIS technology with extensive demographic, consumer spending, and business data.  This tool enables staff to extract data from various categories using defined boundaries or proposed project areas.

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