In July 2021, Virginia Housing announced $40 million in grants to Virginia’s 21 Planning District Commissions towards the creation of new housing initiatives through the PDC Housing Development Program. The program will promote regional approaches to planning and development, bring together local housing partners, and support housing projects that create new affordable housing units. The CSPDC was awarded $2 million in funding to support to the creation of new affordable rental and homeownership housing units throughout the region, and is positioned to provide gap funds to various affordable housing development efforts. Specifically, the CSPDC will facilitate the development of at least 20 affordable units at 80% Area Median Income (AMI) or less by July 1, 2024. Through this opportunity, the CSPDC will work closely Virginia Housing and the region’s housing delivery partners including local governments, housing authorities, non-profit organizations, developers, and other groups working to address the need for affordable housing. 

Updates and information regarding the PDC Housing Development Program will be posted to this page. In early 2022, the PDC will be releasing a Request for Proposals for applicants seeking gap funds for their affordable housing development. Please check this page frequently for updates.


Regional First-Time Homebuyers Program - Through a state program administered regionally by the CSPDC, this program offers special low interest mortgage financing, homeownership counseling and down payment and closing cost assistance to low and moderate income first-time homebuyers in the region. Since it began in 1998, the program has served more than 230 households in the area.

Staff Contact(s)

Olivia Raines

  • CSPDC Regional Roundtable – the State of Housing in Our Region (Thursday December 9th from 9am-10:30am via Zoom). The CSPDC will be hosting a virtual regional roundtable on Thursday, December 9th to kick off the PDC Housing Development Program. At this roundtable, we will provide an overview of the grant, present recent regional housing trends, and have a discussion about the opportunities and challenges related to affordable housing. Register here! 

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