Board of Commissioners

CSPDC Commission members are appointed by their respective governing bodies. Each member jurisdiction is entitled to at least one representative on the Commission. Larger communities have several members based upon a board member allocation formula based on population.

CSPDC Commissioners

Augusta County

  • Butch Wells, Board of Supervisors
  • Pam Carter, Board of Supervisors
  • Vickie Moran, Craigsville Town Council
  • Julia Hensley - Non-Elected Representative

Bath County

  • Lynn Ellen Black, Board of Supervisors

Buena Vista

  • Tyson Cooper, City Council*


  • Laura Dent, City Council
  • Monica Robinson, City Council
  • Adam Fletcher, Non-Elected Representative

Highland County

  • Henry Budzinski, Vice Chairperson, Board of Supervisors*


  • Frank Friedman, Chairperson, City Council*

Rockbridge County

  • Jay Lewis, Board of Supervisors*
  • Chris Slaydon, Non-Elected Representative

Rockingham County

  • Leila Longcor, Board of Supervisors
  • Rhonda Cooper, Secretary, Non-Elected Representative*
  • Kim Sandum, Non-Elected Representative
  • Vacant


  • Amy Darby, City Council
  • Sharon Angle, Non-Elected Representative*


  • Terry Short, Treasurer, City Council*
  • Jim Shaw, Non-Elected Representative

* Denotes Executive Committee


The Charter Agreement was approved September 30, 1969 by the counties of Augusta, Bath, Highland, Rockbridge and Rockingham and the cities of Buena Vista, Harrisonburg, Lexington, Staunton and Waynesboro. 

Charter Agreement


The Bylaws were initially approved July 1, 1976.