Update on Regional Housing Study

In September, the CSPDC and Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR) concluded several months of focus groups and interviews with realtors, lenders, service providers, developers, universities, and employers for the Regional Housing Study. The focus groups were held in Buena Vista, Fishersville, Monterey, and through several virtual sessions. On October 26th, the CSPDC and VCHR convened the Regional Housing Study’s Leadership Team for their second meeting to discuss the findings of the focus groups and determine next steps for data analysis. The housing study scope allows for more detailed data analysis of up to five subtopics, to be selected by the CSPDC in partnership with the leadership team. At the meeting, the group worked collaboratively to select the five subtopics based on the focus group and interview feedback.

The five subtopics for additional data analysis will be:

  • Impact of universities and student population
  • Seniors
  • Vulnerable populations (homelessness, substance use disorder, etc.)
  • Naturally occurring affordable housing
  • Living arrangements (overcrowding, multigenerational housing, etc.)

Over the next several months, VCHR and the CSPDC will continue data analysis – the most recent American Community Survey data is expected to be released in December, and all data will be refreshed to reflect the most recent demographic trends. Additionally, the study team will begin drafting local data profiles for the Interim Data Report, which is expected to be completed in Spring 2023.

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