Olivia Raines Presents at Governor’s Housing Conference

This November, CSPDC’s Housing Program Manager Olivia Raines, was invited to present at the Virginia Governor’s Housing Conference (VAGHC) in Arlington, VA. The conference was held November 16 – 18, and the theme was ‘Build, Expand, Achieve,’ with an emphasis on linking affordable housing to economic development goals.

Olivia Raines, Housing Program Manager at the CSPDC, presented twice at the VAGHC. The first presentation, “Delivering Affordable Housing through Regionalism,” was centered around the $2 million PDC Housing Development Program Grant, which provides gap funds to developers in the region toward the completion of new units of affordable housing. Olivia shared how the funds have been used both toward the development of 60 new units of housing in the region and to further other regional housing initiatives, such as the Regional Housing Study.

Olivia also presented with Virginia Main Street at a session called “Remote Worker Recruitment for Rural Communities,” focused on Virginia Main Street’s Remote Work Pilot Program. The program provides technical assistance to localities that want to develop strategies around remote worker attraction and management. Of the 5 localities that received assistance across the state, 3 are located in the Central Shenandoah Region; Highland County, Buena Vista, and Harrisonburg. The presentation discussed how each localities remote work goals relate to housing needs.

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