Rockbridge and Goshen Broadband Projects Close Out

In 2020, the CSPDC was awarded a $2,202,000 VATI grant to bring high-speed internet to areas in Rockbridge County with co-applicant BARC Electric. Construction began December 2020 and ended in April 2022.  This project provided broadband access to approximately 470 serviceable units, including 31 businesses in Rockbridge County. Specific areas include Glasgow, South Buffalo, Vesuvius, and Big Hill with a total of 118 miles of fiber. Construction to 22 homes in the Vesuvius area were not completed due to a Blue Ridge Parkway permitting issue. BARC intends to complete construction and serve these 22 homes after the project closeout.

BARC’s 2019 ARC POWER Initiative broadband project in Goshen began construction in April 2021 and completed in November 2022. This project closed out in May 2022 and deployed a high-speed fiber optic broadband network in and around the Town of Goshen. There are 309 serviceable units including about 301 households and 8 businesses and approximately 33 miles of fiber installed for this project. The CSPDC provided grant administration services for this project and the Rockbridge VATI project.

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