CSPDC Issues Notice of Award for On-Call Consultant Program

The CSPDC began reprocuring our On-Call Consultant program in 2021 and this month notice of decision to award was issued for nine selected firms. Created in 2012, the program provides the CSPDC, our 21 jurisdictions, and 2 Metropolitan Planning Organizations quick access to competitively procured consultants. While there are many benefits to the program, the most notable are reduced operational expenses and quicker turnaround on projects. A wide variety of planning and technical services can be obtained through the program and both the CSPDC and many of our region’s jurisdictions have successfully used our On-Call program. Additionally, selected transportation engineering consultants underwent VDOT’s pre-award audit, making them eligible for state and federally funded projects. Our new bench of consultants include:

1. Kimley – Horn & Associates (KHA)
2. A. Morton Thomas and Associates (AMT)
3 Timmons Group
4. Whitman, Requardt, & Associates (WRA)
5. Vanasse, Hangen, & Brustlin (VHB)
6. Draper Aden Associates (DAA)
7. Mangum Economics
8. Colley Architects
9. Launch! Consulting

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