Housing News

Two new housing-related initiatives are underway at the CSPDC. Later this month, CSPDC staff will submit an application for Virginia Housing Community Impact Grant funds to conduct a regional housing study. The CSPDC is eligible for $20,000 per city and county in the region, totaling $200,000 in grant funds. If awarded, the study will kick off in May 2022, and will span across a two-year period. The first year will involve data analysis, stakeholder engagement, and producing an interim data report, while the second year will focus on developing regional, partner-based, and locality-specific recommendations and strategies.

The CSPDC is co-applying for these grant funds with the Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR), the Commonwealth’s official housing research agency. VCHR has a successful track record of analyzing regional housing data, and has led several PDC-wide housing studies. VCHR’s strategies and recommendations will be developed in partnership with HousingForward Virginia, a statewide housing policy and research agency. The CSPDC and VCHR have submitted a draft application and are awaiting a preliminary letter of support from Virginia Housing before final submission.

Additionally, the RFP for affordable housing developers seeking gap funds through the PDC Housing Development Program closed on February 3rd. The CSPDC received 14 applications, representing more than 700 affordable units and $4.3 million in requested gap funds. CSPDC staff is currently reviewing all applications, and will announce award decisions in March 2022.

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