PDC Housing Development Program Kicks-Off

In July, the CSPDC announced that it received $2 million in funding towards the development of new housing initiatives in our region through Virginia Housing’s PDC Housing Development Program. Through this grant, the CSPDC will award gap funding to non-profit, private, and public sector developers to go toward the creation of at least 20 affordable housing units in the region by July 2024.

On December 9th, the CSPDC held a housing roundtable – the meeting provided an overview of the PDC Housing Development Program, and provided information on the requirements and timeline for the grant. CSPDC staff also provided a data overview on the ‘State of Housing’ in our region, and facilitated a discussion around affordable housing opportunities and challenges. More than 70 participants registered the event, including representatives from member local governments, non-profits, and private development firms.

On January 3rd 2022, the CSPDC will release a Request for Proposals for affordable housing developers seeking grant funds. The RFP will remain open for a month, and will then be reviewed by CSPDC staff. The CSPDC expects to announce funding decisions by March 2022. More information on the PDC Housing Development Program, including RFP information and grant guidelines, can be found here. The CSPDC will release guidelines in advance of the grant application on Wednesday, December 15th.

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