Counties Apply for State Broadband Funds

On behalf of the Bath-Highland Network Authority (BHNA), the CSPDC applied for 2022 VATI funds with MGW serving as co-applicant to bring universal broadband coverage to Bath and Highland counties. The over $10 million project will deploy last mile fiber to 2,470 locations in both counties.

The CSPDC also assisted Rockbridge County with their 2022 VATI application consisting of two projects totaling over $21 million. BARC Electric and the Rockbridge Area Network Authority (RANA) served as co-applicants in the proposal that includes two projects providing high-speed internet to 2,338 premises located in remote areas with difficult topography.

Augusta and Rockingham counties partnered with six other counties in the northern Shenandoah Valley and Piedmont region on a $300M VATI broadband project. If funded, All Points Broadband, Dominion Energy, and Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative will work together to deploy fiber-to-the-home infrastructure to 42,693 locations in the eight-county region.

Awards are expected to be announced in December 2021.

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