Blue Ridge Tunnel Open to the Public

The Crozet Blue Ridge Tunnel officially opened to the public on November 21, 2020. After patiently waiting to walk the trail and explore the engineering marvel, visitors arrived in droves. Trail counters installed by City of Waynesboro Parks and Recreation recorded over 8,500 visitors in the first week, 6,500 of whom parked at the eastern trailhead. The Tunnel’s western trailhead just off U.S. 250 is also open, creating options for out-and-back and through hiking experiences. If you are planning a visit soon, remember a flashlight or headlamp, and wear sturdy shoes, as it can be wet inside the tunnel.

The CSPDC congratulates Nelson County and the City of Waynesboro on completing the Tunnel restoration and trail construction. This landmark will support economic development, tourism and active recreation for residents and visitors to the region.

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