50 Years of Community Development

In the 1970s, a regional inventory revealed that there were significant needs and lack of financial resources to upgrade existing public utility systems within our region. Since that time, the CSPDC has provided technical assistance to all 21 jurisdictions through identifying and evaluating solutions to problems; assisting with grant applications and administration; assisting with seeking and obtaining financing; and completing GPS and mapping services for utilities.
In 1998, the CSPDC established the Central Shenandoah Development Corporation, a 501c(3) organization. The program provided an innovative approach to providing technical assistance for infrastructure projects and was the first of its kind to be established by any Planning District in Virginia.
To highlight just a few of the projects the CSPDC has been involved with over the years:
  • A $10 million upgrade to a conventional wastewater treatment facility serving Craigsville and the Augusta Correctional Center.
  • A $2.7 million project in Goshen to replace the public water system with new water lines, water storage tank and water meters for each connection. (The previous system experienced a massive failure resulting in a declared state of emergency!)
  • The¬†$2.5 million Bacova Regional Sewer System project, which included improvements to the Hot Springs Treatment Plant to bring a reliable and expanded sewer system to Bath County.
  • A $1 million CDBG grant to the City of Buena Vista to repair Dickinson Well, the city’s largest well source.
These projects have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in our region and were made possible thanks to important partnerships with federal, state and local governments and other organizations.