Fields of Gold Featured in Series on WHSV

WHSV’s Claire Richardson recently produced a four-part series on the Fields of Gold Farm Trail that features farm trail members throughout our region titled Exploring the Fields of Gold Farm Trail. The series features many of the Fields of Gold members, including My Peeps Farm, Mount Crawford Creamery, Barren Ridge Vineyards, and Brothers Craft Brewing. Watch the series HERE.
WHSV Series

The Fields of Gold Farm Trail has also released a promotional video titled “Meet Our Farmers.” The video features the stories of multi-generational farming families and highlights the role of agritourism in the sustainability of their farms.  Spotlighting a mixture of Farm Trail members from the six-county, five-city region, the video includes insight from Shenandoah Valley historian Nancy Sorrells and a variety of regional “farm facts.”

A shorter video, “See You on the Fields of Gold Farm Trail,” debuted in July.  That video shows a family enjoying a fun-filled day on the farm trail, and highlights the convenient web and mobile-ready tools available for trip planning and navigating the farm trail. Both videos will be used to showcase the many ways visitors can have farm adventures in the Shenandoah Valley.
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