Objective & Facility Uses

  1. Identify and assemble the right partners to make the feasibility study process efficient and outcome successful.
  2. Conduct and complete an information-rich feasibility study that identifies specific facility components and uses.
  3. Continue project momentum by keeping partners and community members engaged and actively working to bring the Shenandoah Valley Ag. Enterprise Center to fruition.

The study will identify what components will be the most successful and beneficial to local farmers, explore physical locations for a facility, and structure a comprehensive business plan to be used for future implementation. Potential uses include a commercial kitchen, food lab/testing kitchen, flash freeze facility, training space for smart-ag classes and seminars, packaging and distribution operations, and business planning resources.

Those that ultimately will benefit from this project include:

  • Growers and producers desiring to distribute in larger markets through a food hub;
  • Business start-ups seeking affordable access to certified commercial facilities;
  • Existing small-scale food processors that want to test recipes and products to become business enterprises;
  • Growers and producers seeking packaging solutions and services;
  • Growers and entrepreneurs seeking food regulatory training and business support;
  • Buyers seeking a clear and reliable way to purchase local products;
  • Localities, particularly rural communities, wanting to broaden their tax base and encourage local jobs.