All Hazard Mitigation Plan Completed

CSPDC staff recently completed the 2020 update of the Central Shenandoah Hazard Mitigation Plan. This is the second update of the original 2005 Plan. Local jurisdictions are legally required to have a current Hazard Mitigation Plan in place in order to be eligible to receive certain federal mitigation funds. The purpose of the Plan is to identify natural hazards and other vulnerabilities that affect the Region and offer mitigation strategies that will lessen the negative impacts of these hazards on people, homes, businesses, and communities.
The next steps are review of the Plan by Virginia Department of Emergency Management staff and then approval by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Once the Plan has been approved by FEMA, it will be adopted by the 21 jurisdictions in the Planning District. It is hoped that the local adoptions will be completed in the Spring of 2020.